Art writer and researcher. Recent texts have been on glitter, soil, pareidolia, Dolly Parton and anti-work politics, lichen, dust, ventriloquism, vibrations, silence, and cats. Together with M. Ty, I co-authored an essay about rust. My work has often been concerned with time; its undercurrents, its blockages and trickling detours, and the possibilities for its re-routing. In 2021-2022 I co-edited (together with Rachael Rakes) “No Linear Fucking Time,” a special issue of the online journal Prospections for BAK, basis voor actuele kunst. PhD in Art History & Theory (University of Sydney). From 2018-2020, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry, as part of the “environs” focus.  From 2021-2022, I was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Since 2014, I’ve taught theory and writing on MFA programs at the Sandberg Institut in Amsterdam. My book Beverly Buchanan: Marsh Ruins was published in 2021, as part of the Afterall One Work series (supported by a research grant from Terra Foundation for American Art). I’ve been working slowly on a book called Grapevine Epistemologies, about gossip, rumour, and hearsay as queer-feminist epistemologies. I was also working on a collection of essays about silence and sonic opacities, but that project is on hold for now. My main project at the moment is a book on the art and anti-fascist activism of Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore, which I am looking at through the lenses of environmental art practice and queer and trans ecologies (supported by a research grant from UK Association for Art History). She/they. My email is my first name followed by my last at gmaildotcom.