Above: This is an online event at Perdu, Amsterdam, to mark the launch of a student publication coming out of my 2020 writing seminar at the Sandberg Institute’s Critical Studies MA department, which was on the topic of liking stuff. The seminar considered the ways in which critique can be enfolded with modes of desire, fantasy, attachment, enjoyment, obsession and identification. We talked about honoring the denigrated amateur, whose knowledge is the knowledge of the lover (the word is from the French amant, lover – the amateur fan as driven by love above professionalism). We looked to the Adoring Fan as a model for collective re-imagining, and we spent time with celebrity crushing, ‘reparative reading’, and the possibilities of affectionate study.


Below: Surface Level Expressions, student publication coming out of a writing a seminar I ran at the Sandberg’s Critical Studies department in 2016. The seminar started with the methodological proposal offered in the opening paragraph of Siegfried Kracauer’s 1927 essay The Mass Ornament.



Above: Watermarks, a course about water, taught in collaboration with poet Holly Childs in the Rietveld’s Graphic Design department in 2018. Wet posters at the Watermarks public event, and documentation of a ‘fluid dynamics’ body/movement workshop with dancer/choreographer Noha Ramadan.


Below: A Friend of a Friend, student publication coming out of my seminar Grapevine Epistemologies at the Sandberg’s Critical Studies department in 2019. The seminar was about rumour, hearsay, anecdote and gossip.



Below: Tentaculum, a ‘multi-limbed project’ I ran in the Graphic Design department at the Rietveld Academy in 2017. With the octopus taken up as a model for thought and organisation, Tentaculum had eight interrelated but autonomously operating parts. The project culminated in a student publication launch and installation at Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum, as part of Rietveld UNCUT exhibition.




Below: Can This Be Something Else? student publication resulting from my 2017 writing and research methods seminar on the themes of pareidolia, paranoia and the conspiratorial imaginary.