assemblage II


This is a text I made for the exhibition Assemblage II at 107 Projects in Sydney in August 2014. The curators Monica Monin, Kate Campbell, Esther Chung and Simone Mandl invited 12 people, myself included, to respond to digital and material relics that they had been left with after a the first Assemblage project. One of the things they gave me was an empty-looking Coke can coated in plaster and filled with rocks. When I picked it up I was surprised first by its heaviness, then by its fragility. The grey coating was turning to dusty flakes and falling off with every touch. I wanted to write something in response to, in conversation with, this noisy unidentified thing. I got my computer to read what I wrote, and then I fed a looped audio recording of this back into the crumbling object, so the sound vibrations would help it to crumble more. When it was installed on a plinth in the exhibition, only the object could hear the words properly. People can hear some of them here >>