the politics of time

Here’s the final program for Thinking Together: The Politics of Time at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele in Berlin, beginning with the partial solar eclipse on the morning of March 20. I’m giving a lecture on time and contemporary art on Sunday the 22nd at 12.00, and running a series of seminars during the week (all free to attend, register by email) >>


Time Pieces
Hosted by Amelia Groom, with Sven Lütticken, Mark von Schlegell & Patricia Reed

Timepieces and pieces of time, time pieced together, time torn to pieces. In this seminar series, four writers will consider questions relating to motion, stasis, history and futurity. In Chrononautics: Then and Now, sci-fi author and literary critic Mark von Schlegell will discuss things he’s learned and come across while writing and reading time travel stories. Art historian and critic Sven Lütticken – author, most recently, of History in Motion: Time in the Age of the Moving Image (Sternberg Press) – will present new work on ‘the end of history’. Departing from the temporal dichotomy between politics as ‘revolution’ or ‘reform’, artist and writer Patricia Reed’s seminar will consider the actualisation of futural concepts as ‘a movement of time-travel from what could be to what is’. And Speed 2 – the flop sequel to the 1994 blockbuster, often referred to as one of the worst films of all time – will be non- compulsory viewing for art writer Amelia Groom’s seminar on loops and ‘velocity without temporality’. The seminars will be structured around presentations and group discussions, with assigned readings to be sent to participants in advance.



Live stream from the conference here >>

Archive of the talks here >>